Fethiye Tour: An Unforgettable Encounter of Nature and History

Fethiye Harbor: The Starting Point

Fethiye Harbor

Your Fethiye tour begins with excitement at Fethiye Harbor. After gathering on the boat, you will receive information about the tour program and have some free time to enjoy the harbor. Sharing a delightful dinner with new friends will mark the beginning of unforgettable moments.

Göcek Bay: Enchanting Natural Beauty

The journey continues through the mesmerizing Göcek Bay‘s natural beauty. Anchoring at Ağa Limanı Cove, you will embrace the tranquility of nature. As the wind gently touches your face and the sun warms your skin, time will seem to stand still in this enchanting atmosphere.

Göcek Bay

Ekincik Bay and Dalyan River: A Day Full of Discovery

Ekincik Bay

The next stop on your Fethiye tour will be Ekincik Bay and Dalyan River. Embarking on a Dalyan tour, you will observe the natural habitats of caretta carettas and indulge in a rejuvenating natural mud bath. Swimming in Turunç Bay will refresh you, while having lunch at Paradise Island will transport you to a heavenly experience.

Marmaris: History and Entertainment Unite

As you sail towards Marmaris, history and delightful moments await you. Exploring the old town center, admiring the castle’s panoramic view, and shopping at vibrant stores will fill your day with joy. Back on the boat, making exciting plans with newfound friends, you will bid farewell to a cheerful evening.

Tersane Island: A Journey Back in Time

Another historical stop on your Fethiye tour is Tersane Island. As you explore ancient relics, you will embark on a journey back in time, culminating with a mesmerizing sunset, a moment you will cherish with your friends.

Tershane Island

Embrace Serenity at Göcek Bay’s Peaceful Coves

Returning to Göcek Bay, you will encounter tranquil coves such as Kuyruk Burnu, Bedri Rahmi Cove, or Sarsala Bay. Laughing and enjoying each other’s company from breakfast to dinner, you will bask in the sun’s warmth and delight in the calming embrace of the sea.

Farewell Moments at Fethiye Harbor

On the final day of your Fethiye tour, you will return to Fethiye Harbor. However, this marks not the end but the beginning of new memories. As you explore historical gems like Lycian rock tombs and ancient theater, you will reminisce about the unforgettable moments of your vacation.

Nature and History Meet: A Summary of the Fethiye Tour

The Fethiye tour embodies the essence of Nature and History Meet. Don’t miss this unique experience where natural beauty and historical richness converge. It is more than just a holiday; it is a journey of a lifetime. So, don’t wait; make your reservation now and embark on an adventure to explore Fethiye’s magical allure.

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